H I G H  T I D E

MIXED MEDIA. 2014-2017

A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T

I have always been attracted to geometric shapes, and often used them in my backgrounds during my early years as an artist. I loved the idea of combining these harsh angles and lines with organic shapes and objets. The ocean is a place I have always felt  at home. To me it represents safety and risk; comfort and uncertainty; hope and fear; lightness and darkness. Following this theme of contradiction, I began this series when I aimed to create a painting that portrayed a unique viewpoint of a wave juxtaposed with the bold white lines that break the composition apart. Sinking was one of my first pastel pieces, and although it doesn't have bold lines, it fits within the context of this series as it encompasses the contradictions of light and dark; positive and negative. A few years after, I thought it might be an interesting task to create a wave with colored pencil. While tedious and time -consuming, this piece was a major milestone in my artistic career, and has pushed me to attempt artistic processes that I might have backed away from in the past. Currently I am working (slowly) on another wave drawing that I hope to finish within the next year.