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Miranda Warren is an artist looking to perfect her craft in visual arts and colored pencil technique. Miranda’s appeal to colored pencil comes in part from the controlled and intricate nature, as well as the challenge that presents itself within each piece. While she considers herself a colored pencil enthusiast, Miranda has studied printmaking, ceramics, painting, and sculpture during her time at the University of Vermont, and LIU Post. 


In addition to creating art, Miranda has also aspired to be an educator since she was in high school. She constantly works to come up with thought-provoking lesson plans that will aid her students in their creative expression. She recently completed her Masters degree in Clinical Art Therapy and Counseling, and hopes this new knowledge in mental health support will continue to help her grow as a teacher, and give clients and students a more complete experience in visual arts. 


Currently, Miranda resides in Northport, New York and is working on new artistic creations daily. Some of the themes she has been tackling include her own anxiety, the loss of her father, and how to find peace in the nature that surrounds you.


My high school art teacher is notably one of the most influential role models in my educational experience. My ideal teaching style, mimics that of my former teacher in order to challenge and push students past their comfort levels in order to deepen their artistic exploration.


In addition to this, my education in art therapy has allowed me to take on new approaches that incorporate mental health support into the classroom. I believe an art curriculum should include artistic creation and critiques as well as lessons in art history, self-expression and exploration, creative thinking, and the correlation between art and other core subjects. With an open-ended teaching approach, an emphasis on individual interests and relevant topics, and differentiated instruction for all learners, I hope to inspire my students to discover their creativity, encourage their personal expression, and produce artwork they can be proud of in a safe and welcoming environment.


I myself am constantly learning and growing, and hope to become a better artist, a more effective teacher, and an active mental health advocate in all of my future practices.

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University of Vermont

B.S. in Art Education

Minor in Special Education

NYS Initial Teaching Certification in Visual Arts K-12

LIU Post

M.A. in Clinical Art Therapy & Counseling